Return Policy

Return Policy

EbuyJo accept returns in case of manufacturer’s malfunction only. To return any product please Report it to be returned within three days.

Each product is under its own supplier's return and exchange policy.

Conditions for returned products:

Return the product with the packaging, as well as original accessories if they were not used.

In the following cases, devices are excluded from the Warranty:


1. Failure resulting from misuse, such as breakage, scratching, connecting the device to an electric current, which differs from what the manufacturer’s recommended.

2. Spilling of liquid substances.

3. The use of non-original accessories (battery, charger home or car)

4. Guarantee will be cancelled in case of opening the device or trying to fix it in a non-authorized shop.

5 . Our company has the right to assess the damage of the device and repair it as deemed appropriate