Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at EbuyJo seek to facilitate the procurement process by providing better ways of shopping over the Internet, our website presents some of the conditions that you must implement and comply with before you can register,  note that we are committed to secrecy about your personal information registered with us, so as to ensure maximum safety for our customers

Please read the terms below to be able to complete the registration and access to safe and comfortable shopping

Your personal information:

In order to provide better comfort for users of EbuyJo website, you're not obliged to sign in whenever you want frequenting the site, but registration is only in the case of purchase in order to complete the process

When you register in our site you will be asked for information including the name , phone number, address, and shipping & purchase information , also we'll inquire about your credit card, and other information which you'll find it when you register.

-  the website Admin have the right to use your personal information to complete the purchase in order to facilitate your shopping from our site.
-  Any partners shareholder has the right to access to all information about you, or share to meet any needs that will contribute to the development of the company and ensure its continuity.

- We assure you that we will protect your personal information and provide the best privacy policies to keep your information safe from any third party that can cause you any kind of problems.

• Therefore, EbuyJo is currently using SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer), one of the best technologies that has been reached to protect your information where there is no one except our company can access it or use it, so we can provide better and safer process of shopping overall.

 Changes to our Privacy Policy-

If there are any changes to the privacy policy, it will be advertised through the website or websites connected to it.

Based on the above, the registering with EbuyJo means you agree completely with what has been mentioned previously.

-  In case of cancellation or amendment request membership please send an email to and we will make the necessary steps and then notify you.